This includes dismantle of the pool tale, package, move to new location, re-set up, re-level. The existing felt can be reused. If you would like new felt at the time, there is additional labor cost $120 + the cost of the new felt, which varies depending on quality & shipping. There is an extra charge for stairs of $40 per flight, and no extra charge for mileage as long as both parties are within 25 miles of our store in SACRAMENTO. If over 25 miles please call in for quote. Please call in to schedule appointment. We have very flexible times and offer pool table services Monday through Sunday as well.

RE-FELT ONLY $280 - $390 / REBUMPERING ( must refelt when bumpers are changed ) additional $60+$180  
This includes refelting of a pool table that is already installed, and you just want to replace the felt. This includes refelting the bumper and bed of pool table. We charge $390 if you purchase felt through us. $280 if you purchase the felt elsewhere. Please call in to schedule date. We have flexible times and work Monday through Sunday as well.

DISMANTLE ONLY $195.00-$245.00
This includes professional dismantling of your pool table to storage in a garage or storage area. We would also bring out some extra boxes and help package and wrap whatever we can for storage. Please call in to schedule appointment. price $195.00. Add $50 for 9ft tables. If a long move is required then we can create the slates in wood insulated packages and box the rails and legs for your tables safe trip for $100 labor and cost of material.

INSTALL $240.00-$360.00
Pool table install- Full assembly of your pool table. This is if you bought a used table or a new one from somewhere else and already have the table at your house. We will come out and assemble, level, and felt the table.Its an additional $120 if rails are not felted. If you like new felt at the time we charge you for the cost of the felt and additional Labor cost of $120. Keep in mind when you buy a used table, we can reuse the same felt when we do the install.

This is described as possibly hourly rates only to assess the problem with your table ( hard bumpers, slate seems unlevel, cushions incorrect height, ball jumps on or off table) for this service it is $80.00 per hr with a $60.00 min charge ( no mileage)
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