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Dear Perspective Customer and Fellow Pool Table Owner,

Recently, I purchased a previously owned pool table from a gentleman in the Sacramento California area and he obtained the pool table delivery and installation services of Stuarts Billiard Table Movers & Service. I live in Patterson California over 90 miles from where the pool table was purchased. Stu's crew arrived and were very professional and pleasant as they arrived and started work. I have hard wood floors and Stu's crew were very attentive to this fact and took every precaution to ensure that the floors were protected during the installation process.

This was a previously owned pool table but is also a vintage and custom built tournament sized billiard table. Needless to say, because of the age and the fact that it was custom built, this table was not going to go together without some tender loving care and attention to detail and a fair amount of refurbishing. Due to the complexity of refurbishing and installing a vintage table and a couple of unforeseen complications the crew reluctantly was unable to finish the table installation that day. As they wrapped up for the day the crew did an excellent job of cleaning up my living room with no signs of having worked there all day leaving behind only the unfinished pool table. Before departing a return visit was scheduled for 3 days later when they would return to complete the work.

Upon returning I was pleased to see that Stu accompanied his crew to complete the installation of the pool table. Recall that this is the second 180 mile round trip visit that Stu and his crew had to make to my house. Stu immediately fully inspected the work that his crew had previously done on the table and clearly explained what work would be needed to complete the installation and didn't waste a moment to start work. Throughout the installation Stu would stop and explain what exactly he was doing and would also address any questions that I had regarding the table/installation.

When the installation was completed I was extremely impressed with the outstanding appearance of the pool table. Stu took a slightly rough looking old pool table had turned it into a beautiful refurbished vintage table that not only will I enjoy for years to come but am excited to show off to my family and friends. The table truly looks awesome and all credit goes to Stu and his crew for the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that they provide.

Not once did Stu or his crew complain about the distance that they needed to travel (twice) for this job or the amount of time that it took to complete the installation of this vintage table. Before leaving Stu offered to come back in person if there were any issues with the installation as well as offered up his services if I ever wanted to put new pockets on the table or get a new felt when this new one wears out. He also provided recommendations on how best to maintain the table so that it would last years to come. For fun we played a game of 9 ball and I intentionally threw the game and let Stu win. :-)

Stuarts Billiard Table Movers & Services professionalism, craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service should be the blueprint standard that all other businesses strive to achieve.

Thanks so much to Stu and his crew. I love my beautiful vintage billiard table.. 
Ken D.
Berkeley, CA
 Ken D.

5.0 star rating 8/12/2014
I purchased an antique 1928 Brunswick Medalist from someone on Craigslist. The table was disassembled and sitting in a storage container in Redding, CA. Stu retrieved the table for me and upon inspection determined that the pockets and felt would both need to be replaced. He found high quality replacement pockets that fit the antique style #6 pocket rails, which are a different size from modern #6 pocket rails.  

Once the necessary parts arrived, Stu delivered the table to me in the Bay Area and expertly set the table up, leveled it, and positioned it to play perfectly in our basement family room. Stu also helped us select and purchase high quality cues, balls and other accessories for attractive prices. 

Stu clearly loves what he does, takes pride in his work, and he goes the extra mile to make the customer happy. Not every pool table guy is qualified to work on antique tables. Stu is not only qualified, but he seemed to take great personal pleasure in making sure that this antique table plays perfectly, despite being 86 years old! I'd highly recommend Stu's Pool Table Moving service to anyone with a complex (like mine) or easy pool table relocation.
Sigrid S.         5.0 star rating 6/14/2014
I donated an unused pool table to a summer camp at Lake Tahoe -- 200 miles away. It was an all day job for Stu and his team to come to Pleasant Hill, pack everything, including the large over table lamp, drive to the destination and reassemble everything. I was very pleased with the very professional service at this end, and da lot of happy campers were left at the other end.

Paul C. .5.0 star rating 7/24/2014
Klamath, CA

Our family heirloom, a 9 foot 1908 Monarch Brunswick pool table, has been passed around from one family member to another for the past 85 years. Now it was my turn.  

The issue was how I would get this vintage antique 3 slate 100+ year old pool table (in exceptional condition but weighting about a half ton) to my home from nearly 400 miles away... and do so without any damage. I found several "professional" pool table movers in Sacramento willing to charge me in excess of 2 grand to safely dismantle, transport and reassemble our pool table but the quotes were too little too rich. I thought my dreams of finally obtaining the family pool table (I learned to play pool on) swiftly falling apart. Then I called Stuart.

A week later, Stuart and his team delivered the pool table to my home. They were friendly, professional, experienced, focused and meticulous in every detail to repair, clean and polish the entire table. I have never observed a team of craftsmen work so efficient and so choreographed in that they wasted no time. There are careful movers, ethical individuals, price conscious businesses and there are true craftsman...with Stuart and his team, YOU GET IT ALL. A+ in all categories

Paul Crandall 
Klamath, CA
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 Don LongThursday, 10/3/13, 8:46 AM

To anyone looking for the best pool table movers & services, It¿s rare these days to find a company that is very professional and has integrity. I found Stu¿s pool table movers and services on line. Without firsthand experience with Stu before I checked his web page and compared him to others online. I decide to give the job of moving a used pool table from the house I purchased it to my home in Grass Valley. The table needed new bumpers and felt too. I was very interested in the whole process of the move and the replacement of the bumpers and felt. I asked Stu if I could watch him through the entire process, he gladly said yes. I was very impressed with the care and professionalism Stu and crew displayed throughout the entire process. I had no idea how involved it was to get a pool table moved and into perfect working order. Stu did it and exceeded my expectations on the final outcome. One more thing, the value of your dollar will go much farther when you choose Stu¿s Pool Table Movers & Services. Thanks again Stu and company for an outstanding experience. You are highly recommended by this consumer. Don

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Rick H.
27d ago

Stu did a great job on a short move from Walnut Creek to Lafayette. At a very reasonable price, he professionally disassembled, made some minor repairs, and re-assembled the pool table. He and his co-worker were very careful not to bump or mar walls, even on a tricky flight of stairs. The table was polished and thoroughly cleaned to look like new. I will definitely use Stu in the future.

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